Oud tree price

oud tree price

Cheating by mixing plantation oud with wild, natural oud. Cheating by using artificial methods to create oud. Etymology, back to top, name of Oud (Agar wood) in different cultures: It is known as Oud in the middle eastern Gulf countries such as United Arab Emirates, saudi Arabia, oman, qatar bahrain; bakhoor in Kuwait; Chén-xīang in Chinese; "trầm hương" in vietnamese, and Jin-koh. Both Oud (Agar wood) and its resin distillate/extracts are known as Oud and Dehnul oud in Arabic, and Agar wood and Agar wood oil is generally used to describe oud (literally wood) in nations and areas of Islamic faith. Western perfumers also call Agar wood essential oil "Oud" or "Oude". In Europe it was referred to as Lignum aquila (eagle-wood) or Agilawood because of the similarity in sound of agila to gaharu. Many european branded perfume companies are using Agar wood extract oil to boost the quality of their own made perfumes such as ysl or Samsara brands. Another name is Lignum aloes or Aloeswood.

Benefits of Oud (Agar wood back to top, oud (Agar wood) possesses a salient mystery that has captured the hearts collageen of pious devotees, royal elites elegant peoples for many centuries. Oud- this earthly, natural and unique gift of God- has the rare ability to ground our inner being. As an intangible essence, it has the power to inspire our hearts souls that we may glimpse the divine realms. Oud (Agar wood) is not only therapeutic to the mind and body- it is also an exercise in sensory refinement of the heart and soul. Experiencing the fine aroma of each distinct strand of Oud, you will discover an art form that is at once subtle and deeply powerful- an aroma that is both penetrating and naturally relaxing. Elite and elegant clientele from nations around the globe employ this most rich, natural aroma to compliment their personalities; others offer it to their God when they go to pray. Today the biggest consumers are middle eastern Gulf Arabs (UAE., ksa., bahrain, qatar, kuwait oman are the biggest followed by japanese, chinese, taiwanese and vietnamese, with growing interest being shown by Americans and Canadians. The benefit of using this natural aroma is that once you apply this rich aroma to your clothes, a unique and heavenly scent will pervade your surroundings and will create a remarkable scented aura among others, bringing coolness to the heart and mind. You can avail yourself of the unique, rich, spiritual, mental and physical benefits of oud (Agar wood) by visiting any of the showrooms listed on this website, or many other showrooms around the globe! Be aware of : Cheating by coloring white oud into black. Cheating by mixing other species of wood with oud.

oud tree price
that Adam carried a stick of oud (Agar wood) in his hand when he came to earth, and eve was dressed in the leaves of the Agar wood trees. Japanese, taiwanese, chinese and vietnamese people attach religious significance to oud, and also use it as a natural, medicinal remedy. Nan zhou yi wu zhi, written by wa zhen of the eastern wu dynasty, mentions Agar wood produced in the rinan commandery (now Central vietnam and how people collected it in the mountains: Starting in 1580 after Nguyen hoang took control over the central provinces. Oud (Agar wood) was exported in three varieties: Calambac (kỳ nam in vietnamese trầm hương (very similar but slightly harder and slightly more abundant and oud or Agar wood proper. A pound of Calambac bought in hoi an for 15 taels could be sold in Nagasaki for 600 taels. The Nguyen Lords soon established a royal Monopoly over the sale of Calambac. This monopoly helped fund the Nguyen state finances during the early years of the Nguyen rule. Xuanzang's travelouges and the harshacharita, written in 7th century. In the northern part of the Indian subcontinent, mentions use of Agar wood products such as 'xasipat' (writing-material) and 'aloe-oil' in ancient Assam (Kamarupa) sylhet (Bangladesh). The tradition of making writing-materials from its bark still exists in Assam sylhet.
oud tree price

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In some countries sculptures fashioned out of oud are held in especially high esteem. In Japan and China it is believed that wearing a necklace or bracelet made of oud brings good luck and keeps devils away. One of the reasons for the relative rarity and high cost of oud (Agar wood) is the continuing depletion of this unique, wild resource. To prevent its extinction, in 1995 the. Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild fauna and Flora listed, aquilaria malaccensis, as a potentially threatened species in Appendix. In 2004 all Aquilaria species were listed in Appendix II; however, a number of countries are disputing this listing. Oud tanden (Agar wood) comes in a few colors many grades. Pricing varies according to grade and country of origin. History, back to top, the natural odour of Oud (Agar wood) is complex, aromatic and pleasing, with no similar, natural herbal analogues.

Ensar, oud - pure Agarwood Oil

Agarwood by any other name would smell as sweet. Below you will find the different names of Oud used in many different cultures, evidence of the high degree of its appreciation worldwide: Agar - urdu (pakistan agar or Aguru - bengali, a-ga-ru - tibetan. Aguru - telugu and Kannada, akil - tamil Cham heong - cantonese Chénxiāng - chinese gaharu - indonesian and Malay ghara or Eaglewood - papua new guinea jinkō - japanese (In Japan, kyara is the highest grade of jinkō) Lignum aquila (eagle-wood Agilawood, lignum aloes.

oud tree price

The benefits that are involved with Oud are vast, ranging from psychoactive and spiritual, to therapeutic and medicinal. Keep in mind that the information we share below is only for your general information and is not to be relied for diagnostic and treatment purposes. agarwood calms the body, removes destructive and negative energies, provides enhanced awareness, reduces fear, invokes a feeling of vigour and harmony, and enhances mental functionality - oud eases neurotic and obsessive behavior and helps create harmony and balance in your home - agarwood is highly. It is said that prayers rise with the scented smoke of agarwood incense and carry the prayer to the Creator. The angels are attracted to the scent and Oud smoke. That is why muslims love to burn Oud wood and fumigate krijgen their houses on Thursday nights, the holiest of the weeknights to them. buddhists deploy agarwood for transmutation of ignorance.

Tibetan monks utilize it to convey energy to wind down the mind and spirit. The sufis and Japanese shamans use agarwood oil in their esoteric rites. oud helps to improve mental clarity, opens the third eye and all of the upper chakras while calming the whole entire spiritual system. medically, agarwood is a tonic, aphrodisiac, diuretic, relieves epilepsy, antimicrobial, carminative, anti-asthmatic. oud is used in nervous disorders, digestive, bronchial complaints, smallpox, rheumatism, illness during and after childbirth, spasms in the digestive and respiratory systems, fevers, abdominal pain, asthma, cancer, colic, diarrhea, nausea, regurgitation, weakness in the elderly, shortness of breath, chills, general pains and cirrhosis. It also acts as a director or focuser for other medicines. It has been used as a treatment for lung and stomach tumors.

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Their combs will be of gold, and their sweat will smell like musk. The aloes-wood will be used in their centers.". The messenger of God also revealed the numerous healing properties of agarwood, which in the particular saying, referred to hindi oud and its effectiveness in treating pleurisy. The song of Songs describes King Solomon (peace be upon him) as "coming up from the desert like a column of smoke, perfumed with myrrh and incense" and there are numerous references throughout this book of the Old Testament to "every kind of incense tree". The bible mentioned several citations of Oud, including a text in which Jesus (peace be upon him) is said to have been perfumed with aloes (Oud).

The extremely wealthy ancient Chinese used to make their coffins out of this aloeswood while in Buddhism, the most precious Buddhist string of beads numbering to 108 is made of agarwood. One story tells of a monk's sacrificing spirit in which he grinds one of his agarwood beads into powder whenever he met the sick in order to cure them with it, which resulted with even the seriously stricken person getting well. Stories tells us of the extreme habits of luxury of King louis xiv of France, who had the practice of washing his clothes in Oud. Agarwood also has been associated with the Chinese tradition of Fengshui, a discipline of governing the flow of energy in a particular place, and the oud wood has been associated with producing good luck and positive energy wherever it is placed. Numerous Benefits of Agarwood. Oud wood can be use for plenty of therapeutic uses and medicinal benefits. Agarwood oil essence or the pure oud Oil is often associated with its ability to bring about calmness in the nervous system, its ability to cultivate focus and alertness when used and, as some say, the positive effect it gives to one's libido system when. Oud Essential Oil is indeed an aromatherapy, is not gender-specific and can be enjoyed by both sexes, though some females may prefer a blended version of the oud Oil due to the strong potent smell of the pure oud essence. In the middle east, men and women burn Oud wood chips to fragrance their houses and also their clothes so that the lasting scent will permeate the whole garment.

Oud scent: The smell of musky luxury fortune

It is this resinous heartwood that can be known as jinko, oud, oudh, ki-nam, kyara, gaharu, aloeswood, eaglewood, chen xiang or agarwood according to the hyaluronzuur different cultures, that is prized and loved by all due to its rarity and the distinct and unique aroma. To put it simply, the aroma of agarwood will just permeate the nostrils and leave you intrigued by its exquisite and complex scent, making you yearn for more. Agarwood, or commonly known as, oud in the middle eastern world, has gained considerable interest and popularity in the west in recent times, with famous designer brands launching their own Oud fragrance, such as giorgio armani's Oud royal and Tom Ford's Oud wood. Arabian Oud, the mass producing house of Arabian fragrances recently swept majority of awards at fifi 2012, a ceremony akin to the Oscars of the fragrance world. History of this Time-honoured Fragrance, its interest is of no wonder, considering that Agarwood or Oud (not to be mistaken for bakhoor) has been around for centuries since the ancient times of the sanskrit, torah, gospel and the muslim scriptures. The Prophet Muhammad (peace blessings be upon him) held the tradition of fumigation with agarwood which continues in the muslim world up to this day. The holy Prophet made known that agarwood is a distinct item of Paradise in his saying, "The first group of people who will enter Paradise, will be glittering like the full moon and those who will follow them, will glitter like the most brilliant star. They will not urinate, relieve nature, spit, or have any nasal secretions.

oud tree price

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This resin can be produced either through natural causes of the wild or through the artificial means of inoculating it with resin-inducing substances. A cultivated agarwood tree that was harvested, revealing a resin infected heartwood. The greater the infection of the tree will result in the heartwood of the. Aquilaria trees bearing a hallmark high-grade oud wood - a dense, pitch-dark and resinous wood which would otherwise be light and pale-coloured if uninfected. It is worth walnoten to note that not all. Aquilaria trees can be found producing this resinous heartwood and it is said that for every ten trees in the wild, only one will have its heartwood considerably infected. As for artificial inoculation of cultivated. Aquilaria trees, it has been established that there is no certainty or guarantee that the tree will produce resin despite the human intervention.

The world of Oud its Uses, Aloeswood, oudh, Arabian Oud sultanul Oud. Sultanul Oud would like to weleda warmly welcome you to the ancient world of Oud! Let us take you back into a brief history of the origin of this precious gift of nature and the numerous benefits and appreciation for it throughout history. Oud, oudh, Aloeswood, Agarwood, gaharu (different names for the same meaning) is the common name for the tar-like resinous heartwood that forms in the ancient. Aquilaria and some, gyrinops species of trees that are native to the dense forests of south East Asia. The heartwood of the tree produces this dark aromatic resin as part of its natural defence mechanism when infected with fungus (. P hialophora parasitica ).

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Description, back to top, strakker oud (Agar wood, gaharu, jinko, aloeswood, eaglewood many more names to be added) is the king of all aromas. More valuable than precious gemstones, ouds natural wealth is derived from large evergreen trees of the Aquilaria family that are native to bangladesh, India, malaysia, indonesia, cambodia many more southeast Asian countries. Normally the heartwood of these trees is relatively light and pale in color. However, sometimes the trees are attacked by a special type of fungus. They become infected, and in response to the attack they produce a dense, dark, aromatic resin. This embedded resin is called. Oud (Agar wood which is valued in many cultures for its distinctive, rich and beautiful natural fragrance. Oud is used in medicines, incense, perfume, cosmetics and religious practices.

Oud tree price
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    The, international journal of Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences states that agarwood, also known as the wood of the gods, is mentioned as early as the third century ad in ancient China. Natural Perfume: Its enchanting aroma is highly used as a natural perfume and worn by both male and female equally. International journal of Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences, oud oil can cost as much as 20,000 per kilogram (more than 30,000) depending on its purity.

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    It enchants your nerves and relaxes your mind and thats why it is amazingly effective aromatherapy oil which is used to alleviate mental stress, anxiety, tension, depression and others. Musk, amber and lemon e composition of Amber Oud belongs to the tree-fir tree family and provides unique vibrations derived from lemon and geranium mixed with pink pepper and gum resin. A 2013 report stated that total oud sales were up.

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