Nivea for oily skin reviews

nivea for oily skin reviews

Easy to use and gets into the skin when we massage the face. Brings a subtle glow and brightness on the skin. Can be used by everyone like people with dry skin, oily skin, normal skin etc. This has not given me acne or breakouts. Cons of nivea men Dark Spot Reduction moisturizer. There is not very visible skin whitening.

After using this mens skin whitening moisturizer, i do not feel that that has made the skin greasy hence, this can be used by people of all skin types and especially the oily skinned men like. I understand guys with oily skin may find quite difficult in choosing a skin cream that should not be greasy or sticky so this is not sticky. But one more thing, after 3-4 hours my nose gets oily again. This is not due to this moisturizer but my skin is naturally oily so in anyways that produces oils after some time. I liked that is makes the skin looks better and slightly brightened by when the oils are there, skin looks a bit darker again. Hence, i think this is a good facial skin moisturizer for all skin type that also brightens the skin a bit by regular usage. I also noticed that as this has the dark cream spots reducing capabilities too as this has lightened few spots that I had on the forehead. Moreover, i faced few acne and those had left marks therefore, the dark spots due to that have also been cured. I dont know if that is purely with this moisturizer as i also use the nivea for men dark spot reduction face wash as well. Pros of nivea men Dark Spot Reduction moisturizer. Good packaging, affordable and price is also okay.

nivea for oily skin reviews
in texture and very easy to blend formula. This has a very subtle and minimum fragrance hence post application this does not feels like you have applied some heavily scented skin cream on the face. How to use this nivea mens moisturizer: As i always do before using any skin cream or moisturizer, i will wash my face. I wash my facial skin 2 times in a day, like once in the morning and once in the evening when I get back to home from work. In between, if feel that oils and sebum etc are accumulating on my face then I will just splash some plain water to get rid of all those. So, after cleansing with face wash. I will pat dry my face and would take a pea sized amount of this cream or to be precise a small blob of this moisturizer. Then, i will dot that all over my face. Using my fingers, i will just blend the cream over the face and would also massage the cream. Results with nivea men dark spot reduction moisturizer.
nivea for oily skin reviews

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By the way, the pictures are taken by my wife if you see a female hand in the pics. Price: 95 rupees for 20 ml pack. This is the trial pack. Experience with nivea men Dark Spot Reduction moisturizer. This facial skin moisturizer for men is packaged in the steel grayish tube packaged most of the nivea face wash serum and face moisturizers from this range of men are packaged like that. The tube is small and you can keep this in your toiletries pouch while you travel. So, size wise this is compact wrinkle and easy to carry with you. If you have noticed this mens moisturizer has the whitanat vita complex and 10x whitening effects as well which means this will give you skin hydration along with the face whitening. Moreover, this also has the vitamin C which is known to reduce the dark spots on the face and to give a brighter looking facial skin.

Nivea, visage oil Control Cleansing Gel for, oily, skin, reviews

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nivea for oily skin reviews

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Review : nivea, aqua effect skincare for Combination/

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nivea for oily skin reviews

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Is, nivea, creme good for oily skin people?

Nivea men Dark Spot Reduction moisturizer review. How are you all doing? I am not keeping serum up well hence have not replied to some of your Emails. I will be reviewing this. Nivea for men dark spot reduction moisturizer in todays post at my site. You know guys, the best way to take care of our skin is to eat healthy and use suitable skin care products like a good face wash, face cream scrub etc. If you are eating good and using a face wash, cream, scrub and face packs then your skin will be really healthy within no time. I got this nivea men dark spot reduction moisturizer long ago like 2-3 years ago and have repurchased this too use this again and to review it for you. So, lets have a look guys how this nivea dark spot reduction moisturizer works and fares.

Nivea for oily skin reviews
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    Best of makeupAlley, favorite, add favorite, upc code. It is very light in texture and a small quantity of it spreads easily on skin. As a guy with oily skin, its difficult to find a good cleanser. It comes in a clean, modern looking green tube and it touts its marine-derived ingredients that supposedly cut down on shine.

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    Nivea have excelled themselves with this product. This one soaks right in and leaves my skin looking refreshed and feeling beautifully soft! Nivea daily Essentials Oil Free moisturising day cream For Oily to combination skin 50ml.2 5.

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    There just arent that many mens skincare options out there that address my issues. Nivea cream is not suitable for oily skin. I have been tried and tested soo many face creams and none of them has controlled sebum and left my face feeling this soft, fresh and spot free before! And it does not spread easily on skin.

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    Add another, discontinued, are you sure this product is discontinued? Images source: my phone gallery. Most facial moisturises leave my skin feeling tacky for ages. It made my face more oily, greasy and sticky throughout the day.

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