470 spinnaker

470 spinnaker

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470 spinnaker
The world sailing sailor biography is the place to look. You can search for sailors by name, country, sailor id and Class and view the biography information they have posted.
470 spinnaker

Sailor Index : sailors world, sailing

It is the responsibility of the sailor to apply for a classification and provide all information necessary to determine his or ranonkel her Classification. Sailor Classification section to apply or renew. Your sailor biography, once you have a sailor id, you can create your own online sailor biography. Your sailor biog can include personal and general information, images, your campaign website and results. For sailors featured on the world sailing Rankings, your biography will automatically include your results from World sailing Graded events and your full Ranking history. You must always submit your sailor id at the event registration. Search for a sailor, want to know more about some of the world's top international sailors, or your local sailing club rival.

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Drifting underpowered, mast, spreader Deflection, epsilon 5 1/2 inches. Needlespar 5 3/4 inches, z spar 5 3/4 inches, goldspar 5 3/4 inches. Powered, mast, spreader Deflection Epsilon 4 1/2 inches needlespar 5 inches z spar 5 inches Goldspar 5 inches overpowered Mast Spreader Deflection Epsilon 5 1/8 inches needlespar 5 3/4 inches z spar 5 3/4 inches Goldspar 5 3/4inches Mast Set Up For Superspar M7 Mast. We recommend using three shroud pin settings for the different wind conditions. The spreader length is 18 1/2 inches and the deflection is set to give the mast 3 1/2 inches of pre-bend. This pre-bend is measured by holding the main halyard tight against the mast at the goose neck fitting and measuring from the main halyard to the aft face of the mast track at the spreaders. The mast should always maintain this same 3 1/2 inches of pre-bend in each shroud pin setting. Drifting underpowered rake tension Pre-bend.

470 spinnaker

Mast rake, the serum mast rake is measured by attaching a tape measure to the main halyard and pulling it to the top. Use the halyard lock to set the halyard. Measure from this locked position to the top center of the transom. In drifting conditions the mast rake is 22 feet 2 inches. As the wind increases, rake the mast aft in four increments;. 1/2.,.

11.,. Raking aft helps depower the boat. Spreaders, the length of the spreaders is measured from the side of the mast to the center of the shroud where it intersects the spreader. Mast Spreader Length, protector Epsilon 18 1/4 inches. Needlespar 19 1/2 inches, z spar 19 1/2 inches, goldspar water 19 1/2 inches. The fore and aft deflection is measured from a straight line between the two spreader tips to the aft face of the mast track.

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Over 24 knots, the sails can not be depowered any more and the board is the only depowering tool. The centerboard could be up as much as half way in huge breeze. Stepping the mast, place the mast step in the center to maximum aft in the boat per the class rules. Andreas Kosmatopoulos places his Superspar M7 mast step 7 feet and 1/2 inch from the center of the centerboard bolt. Morgan reeser places his mast step maximum aft in his boat with a superspar mast.

Set Up for Epsilon, z spar, needlespar goldspar Masts. For all the following measurements, be sure the rig tension is on, the mast puller is loose and the spreader deflection is set at 5 inches. Rig Tension, the rig tension is measured on the 1/8 inch diameter luff wire with a loos model A tension gauge. The tension gauge should read 36 (390 lbs.) for all of these measurements. Only use this much tension on newer boats. If your hull is older, try using 33 (320 lbs.) or less if the hull deforms.

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Powered, both crew hyaluronzuur on the windward rail to trapezing and keeping the boat flat. Overpowered, trapezing and not keeping the boat flat. Centerboard Position, the pivot bolt should be placed in the maximum aft and at the maximum lowest point per the class rules. The bottom leading edge of the board should be 6 inches forward of perpendicular to the keel venusheuvel line, max down, up to 12 knots of wind. In 13 to 17 knots, raise the board.5 inches to make the boat easier to plane upwind. In 18 knots, raise the board 3 inches so the leading edge is perpendicular to the keel line. As the wind and waves increase, continue raising the board to keep the boat sailing efficiently and easy to steer.

470 spinnaker

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This is benefits more important than the age of the boat. Older boats can be fast if set up properly. A prime example is a 1983 boat winning the 1995 World Championships. The 470 is very sensitive to wind and sea conditions. Optimizing your 470's performance requires considerable adjustments in mast rake and tuning. This tuning guide will describe how to set up your boat, mast, and sails for the following sailing conditions: Condition, description, drifiting 0 - 3 knots. Underpowered 3 knots with both crew on the windward rail.

470 Recommended Rig Tensions, the recommended rig tensions for Ullman 470 sails are extremely tight and should only be used on new boats of suitable construction. If you are unsure of the condition of your boat, try using the same mast settings, but with a lower shroud tension. This will preserve the life of your boat. The optimum crew weight is approximately 275 pounds. The ideal situation is for the majority buikhuid of the combined weight to be the trapeze crew. There are many successful teams, however, sailing as light as 260 pounds and as heavy as 320 pounds. It is very important to keep the boat at the class minimum weight.

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Sailor id is a service which aims to provide a range of online services to benefit the sport. It is aimed at all sailors, from professional athletes to local club sailors. Sailors must register to be part of sailor id which creates a unique and personal World sailing sailor id number. Once you have this, you can log on at iling. Org to update your biography or apply for a world sailing sailor Classification. To date, over 100,000 sailor id's stoma have been assigned. All sailors who are competing at World sailing Graded fleet racing or match racing events must have a sailor. Sailor Classification, the sailor Classification system provide events and classes with an international system of classification for sailors to provide a clear distinction between 'professional' and 'amateur' sailors. The sailor Classification Code defines how sailors are classified.

470 spinnaker
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    Terminology: use the most common industry terms. Brands: a wider selection. The cl14 has proven to be an excellent boat for training both youngsters and adults in the art of sailing. More information double-handed sailing dinghy / instructional / regatta / single-trapeze club 420 double-handed sailing dinghy club 420 Length :.24.

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    With nauticExpo you can: Find a nearby distributor contact the manufacturer to get an estimate or a price Examine product characteristics and technical specifications view pdf catalogs and other online documentation *Prices are pre-tax, exclude delivery charges and customs duties, and do not include additional. More information double-handed sailing dinghy / regatta / symmetric spinnaker / single-trapeze 420 double-handed sailing dinghy 420 Length :.2 m Chosen by most of the sailing associations as the double handed dinghy to introduce young sailors to Olympic Classes, the 420 is amongst the. Products dinghy sailing symmetric spinnaker sailing dinghy 6 companies 12 products, crew multi-person (12 submit.

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    Length :. Other your answer has been taken into account. Kevin has designed a few very fast dinghies here in New zealand and has a solid command of the latest design and analysis software. Mackay boats (2 nautivela (2 rondar Raceboats (1 submit #each pushedProductsPlacement4 /each #each pushedProductsPlacement5 /each double-handed sailing dinghy / recreational / symmetric spinnaker skipper double-handed sailing dinghy, skipper.

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