Boom beach statues

boom beach statues

You also get Power Powder when you upgrade your Sculptor. Power Powder can boost your existing statues (2x) for a fixed period of time. What would happen if I have multiple statues of the same type? The bonus of each statue would stack if they are of the same type. For example, if you have a 12 wood Production Life Idol and a 20 wood Production Life guardian, the total boost for your wood Production would. And you can keep multiple guardians and Idols of the same type too, so you can have 3 Troop Damage magma guardians and 3 Troop Damage magma Idols at the same time if you want.

As for the submarine, you can find better power stones at greater depth; so upgrade your submarine. Once you have accumulated enough fragments, shards or crystals, you will see a create pop up bubble over the Sculptor. The ratio of fragments : shards drop is approx mondspoeling 7 :. The ratio of fragments : shards : crystals drop is approx 28 : 4 : 1,. Terror Stages would give you dark fragments, shards or crystals. Most of the fragments, shards or crystals are found in headquarters. They may appear in other buildings too, but much less frequently. The ratio of power stones drop from head quarters vs Other buildings is approx 13 : 1, acid the power Stone Chance dark Statues would increase your chance to getting power stones (fragments, shards and crystals) when you destroy a base. What is Power Powder? When you reclaim a masterpiece Statue, you get 7 x Power Powder.

boom beach statues
7 Dark Crystals, you cannot choose whether it is for Gunboat Energy, resource reward or Power Stone Chance. You will only find out the ability and boost percentage when the Sculptor has finished building. The actual number may be off by /- 1 because of rounding errors. I have the sculptor, but where can I find power stones? Short answer - attack. You will randomly receive fragments, shards or crystals (power stones) as enemy bases are destroyed - they could be real player bases, npc bases. Resource bases do not give power stones. The recent updates gave us new sources of power stones - daily rewards and the submarine. The type and amount of daily rewards are given according to your Victory points.
boom beach statues

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There are 4 types of statues; and they need the corresponding fragments, shards or crystals to build them (e.g. You must behandeling use 7 Dark fragments to build a dark Idol). Life - resource production, ice - defense: building health, and defensive building damage. Magma - offense: Troops health and Troops damage. Dark - gunboat, power stones drop chance and loot boost (Resource reward). And each type has 3 levels: Statue level, requires, rosacea build Time, reclaim to get 7 Fragments 10 seconds 1 Shard 7 Shards 1 hour 1 Crystal 7 Crystals 10 hours 7 Power Powder, how many different statues are there? What is the chance of getting the best one? For a given type of Statue (e.g. Gunboat Energy the probability of the boost level in listed below.

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Magma power Stones are used to make statues that increase troop damage and health. You can received Magma power Stones from enemy player bases, npc-controlled bases, and. Hammerman bases that are located on Volcanic Islands. These Power Stones are also available as part of the daily victory point Reward and as possible loot from Submarine dives. Below is a table that you will need to know whenever you get a good Statues: Right Strategy: How you deploy Statues, okay, next is my strategy for boom beach Statues. From the beginning of game, you only need to deploy idol of magma and Dark statues because you dont have enough power stone. In the middle game, when your hq level is 14, your Sculptor level is 5, and you can deploy 7 statues maximum. You should follow my below strategy: 1 Masterpiece Resource reward increase: dont care about the percentage. 1 guardian Resource reward increase: keep the highest one (15- 20 also can be accepted).

boom beach statues

For example, you cant place breast a troop damage masterpiece if you already have another troop damage masterpiece. You can have two masterpieces of the same element like both a resource reward and a gunboat energy masterpiece. You are just not allowed to have two masterpieces with the same effect. Dark power Stones are used to make statues that increase houding gunboat energy, resource rewards, and Power Stone chance. You can get these power Stones via the. T events, randomly as part of the daily victory point Reward, and as possible loot from Submarine dives.

Remember that, the first. T base is available upon the completion. Hammermans level 10 base, and. Ts second is available upon the completion. Hammermans level 20 base.

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The idol can be reclaimed to receive one Shard of the same type of Power Stone used to create the Idol. By the same way, 7 Shard units can make 1 Guardian, and spierpijn you have 1 Crystal when reclaim this Guardian. I speedtest highly recommend that you should place Guardian as many as possible, because two following reasons: you dont need to make a masterpiece first, because you dont know what it will. Boom beach tool when you have a lot of Guardian. Statues do stack with the same effect. This stacking is additive, not multiplicative. For example, having one 10Gunboat energy statue and a 17 Gunboat energy statue placed at the same time will result in you having 27 more energy. . There are no restrictions on what idols and guardians you can have, but you can only have one of each type of masterpiece.

boom beach statues

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In the beginning of game, you try to place oefeningen Gunboat Energy increase and Resource reward increase first, and then place Troop Damage increase type. Of course you must keep your Sculptor level up to date with your hq level. For Example, hq level is 7, Sculptor level must be 2, and you can deploy 4 statues maximum. Because you dont know what your statue will be, make sure you read. Boom beach tool first, it will be very useful for you. Power Stones are required to create statues. Overall, there are 4 types of Power Stones: Life, ice, magma, and Dark. . There are 3 sizes of Power Stones: Fragment, Shard, and Crystal. When you have 7 Fragment units, you can build 1 Idol.

Welcome you to another topic in boom beach categories. This post will give you some important information about boom beach Statues, and I will share with you the right strategy: How you will place Statues. As you know, Statue plays an important part in Game strategy. Even when you decide to follow. Offensive strategies or Defensive strategies, you must understand that you cant play boom beach without Statue, and you will stuck in this game, if you place wrong Statue in your base. . Because i vitamine choose to attack another base for looting as much as possible, i will talk about Statue for Offensive strategies first. Boom beach Statues for Offensive strategies, you must add magma and dark statues in your list of priorities.

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With the global launch of boom premier beach, i anticipate many new players would have many questions about Power Stones, Crystals and Statues, which are very interesting aspects of the game play. I hope this guide would answer some of those questions and would also serve as a reference. (Acknowledgement: thanks to wiki contributors and KlarkSmith for his original table, and lanfill for providing info). You can unlock Sculptor at. With the Sculptor, you can then build statues using fragments, shards and crystals (power stones). After deploying the statues in your base, they could boost your offense, defense or resources with extra bonus. When you look at the info screen for building, defense or troops, the extra boosted bonus by the statues is displayed as a purple number. Statues play an increasingly important role in game play as you progress.

Boom beach statues
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